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On November 12th 2009 the management of Bearforce1 announced that the bear band has disbanded. Five years ago Bearforce1 set the blogosphere on fire with their „Bear Band” tribute to 80′s disco, spawning a new internet meme and thousands of Bearforce1 video parodies and imitators. Everybody was doing the Bearforce1 dance. At a time where smooth boy band images were the norm, the Bearforce1 video was unapologetic about showing-off hairy, bearded band members shaking their moneymakers with their shirts off.

Is there life after Bearforce1? After the successful time in Bearforce1 (2007/2008), Pete Statham, born in Utrecht (Netherlands) but living most of his life in Amsterdam now, took some time to develop his own style. A combination of Eighties disco, mellow trance music, serene ballads and a bit of rock-pop. Pete is very proud to present you his first solo-album. He settled down to write most of the lyrics, after he had contacted the very talented musicians/composers Laurent Chambon, Patrice Faure and Neal Tomlinson.

The result, an album full of diversity, with an international sound, a feeling-good atmosphere. Pete sings his songs „straight from the heart” and wants you to share a bit with the warmth that his voice is expressing.

If you’re curious about the ex Bearforce1 member, go to the third bear meeting in Budapest: Budapest Bears Weekend

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