Unit-911 is the first adult musclebear musical group which reinforces masculinity and power. Alfh is a music leader born in Europe and living in USA for 20 years. The character and persona of Unit-911 is one of sexy bad cop, his accent and image takes us to a dark and underground world. His music is uninhibited and free in the dance genre. Through his deep green eyes we see a mysterious world unfold full of sexual tension. 

Alfh has also worked in the film industry for more the 18 years working as creative director and director, always showing something impossible to be possible. His experience in the advertising and film industry put him in contact with different professional fields – music, film and video in both the U.S. and Europe. 

Unit-911 had its genesis in the early 80’s in Spain, but the market wasn’t ready for it and the idea was left to languish. During the next few years the idea was revived, reformulated and more. Gay photographers like Bubbacliks found just the right tone and the propitious moment to dust off the idea and put it to work in the form of calendars and print media. With powerhouse producers Julian Marsh and Ronnie Ventura working behind the scenes, Unit-911’s sound has been defined. 

Unit-911 is now ready for launch…. want to take a ride. 

Alfh will be back very soon with his follow-up single Daddy Cool! This remake of the Boney M classic is sung by mr. 911 in a voice so low it will make your tummy tingle. And there will be a Matt Pop Club mix, filled with hooks, synths and erm, a really good beat. The video will be shot this month so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, Matt Pop has also been working on brand new mixes for a very exciting new Almighty Records project.


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Zoli, a gaybears.hu alapító szerkesztője.

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