Irish Big Gay Bear Srongman

In UK we have a Srongman Champion and hi’s gay. Living with his partner in Northen Ireland.

Jon – the boy – is a mechanic and racing car driver from London, while Chris “Big Bear” McNaghten is a strongman and power lifting champion. They been together two years.

Chris and Jon met on a Dating App and soon realised they had such a strong connection ‘they just couldn’t be without each other.’ – with Jon making the decision to leave London and move in with Chris in his home town of Larne, Northern Ireland.

Chris McNaghten shares in a BBC Documentary that he is “the first openly gay strongman to come out in the UK and Ireland, possibly even Europe.”

The beefy 30-year-old shares other ‘firsts’ in his life as well, including coming out as gay.

After the coming out process, it was finally time to attend his first Pride. So off to Belfast, Northern Ireland, he went with his fiancé, Jon.

Chris and Jon is engaged although same-sex marriage isn’t legal (yet) in Northern Ireland.


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