Cachorro, Bear Cub

A hit on the film festival circuit, BEAR CUB (CACHORRO) explores the “bear” gay subculture focusing more on lasting friendships and realistic body images than the stereotypical Will & Grace version of gaydom.

In Bear Cub, we are introduced to Pedro (José Luis García-Pérez) a gay man living a sexually active lifestyle in Madrid with his bear friends. Pedro’s older sister Violeta is venturing off to India with her new boyfriend and asks Pedro to watch his 9 year-old nephew Bernardo (David Castillo) for two weeks. Initially, neither the boy nor Pedro is thrilled with the new arrangement, but both concede it’s only for two weeks, so they agree to make the best of it.

The child’s mother, (Elvira Lindo), becomes detained on her trip and Pedro unofficially takes on the role as the boy’s guardian. With Violetta detained, the boy’s estranged paternal grandmother, Dona Teresa (Empar Ferrer), seizes the opportunity to reclaim “the only family she has left”.

Pedro is not about to give up his sister’s child to a woman the boy hardly knows and fears. Thus begins the battle for custody of the child. Dona Teresa believes that the upbringing of a child should not be left in the hands of a homosexual.

I was genuinely moved by this film. Sometimes life just drops in your lap, and you have figure a way to make do. Sometimes, this is the best thing that could ever have happened to you.

The main characters in the movie are bears. They make no excuses for there size, there are not fat jokes. Actually, just the opposite, these men are admired and sought after for their rugged handsome selves. These are proud big men. Bear Cub explores many of the issues confronting the gay community – HIV, homophobia, parenting…

This movie is in Spanish with English subtitles. The uncut version contains some explicit gay sex scenes, frontal nudity and drug use.


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