Arpad Miklos Dead

It seems like there’s been a tragic run of deaths in the gay-porn industry. The latest performer to pass on is Arpad Miklos, who committed suicide on Sunday. He was 45.

Randal Lynch, a writer and personal friend of porn superstar Arpad Miklos (a.k.a. Peter Kozma), confirmed the passing of the adult actor in a YouTube newscast titled “The Howard Bragman Show” this morning. The cause of death was suicide.

The Hungarian-born legend moved to America shortly after being discovered by porn studio Kristen Bjorn while working as a chemist, and pursued a career in the adult industry “on a whim.” After moving to America and teaching himself English, the legend appeared in more than 45 adult films and countless other one-off scenes.

“He was a great guy, on top of that, there was a lot more to him than just that surface persona. He was a very active person in the gay community, he gave a lot of money to charities, and was overall a really good guy.” Lynch says of his friend. “He was probably one of the biggest porn stars out there.” –
Fleshbot Writes

When someone in the porn world takes his own life, it’s easy to assume drugs or depression was the culprit. But according to Lynch, Miklos’ reasons were his own: ”Haters can hate, people can speculate, but he’s not going to give a specific reason and give that satisfaction to anyone.”

Rest in piece, Arpad.


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