Bearforce1 is back to Show Business?

The Dutch gay dance music band Bearforce1 is trying to win the Dutch ticket to Baku. The group submitted a song for the Dutch selection better known as Nationaal Songfestival that will take place on 26th February.

Bearforce1 is back to business. Why choose to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest to come back in the show business?

Bearforce1: Taking part in Eurovision has always been one of our biggest dreams. But the last few years the Dutch broadcaster selected an artist that was already part of their network. This year Endemol produces the show and the competition was open for all artists, so we decided to go for it and look forward to what can happen. We present something different, which could be remembered all over Europe.

The group is backed by two heavyweights; Dimitri Stassos who has written the 2009 Spanish entry and Gerard James Borg who penned dozens of successful songs including a 2nd place in 2002. How important is for you to be surrounded by these lads?

Bearforce1:That was very important! We believe we can put up a great show but the song needs to be even better. Take for instance Lordi who won for Finland. Their act was great but it was also a very catchy and well written song! They were something different that is why they were remembered!

The song you are competing with is Action Man. What can you tell us about the concept and style of the song?

Bearforce1: Once you’ve heard it, it is impossible to get it out of your head!  It has all the elements for a winning Eurovision song and a strong show to go with it!

What do you think is going wrong for The Netherlands to score low in Europe’s favourite show?

We have great artists in The Netherlands who do well abroad but who do not want to compete on the Eurovision platform because they’re afraid a failure will damage their career in The Netherlands. So we have sent artists that were ‘world famous’ in The Netherlands without thinking about how they come across in the rest of Europe.

Bearforce1: You became popular by a hit medley on Youtube which had impressive hits. One of them alone almost tops 3 million hits. What are your future plans to maintain your popularity?

We still have a lot of gigs across Europe so if we make it to the final, we’ll make sure to spread the word! Of course, we will once again make a kick ass video to support the great song from Gerard and Dimitri!

Bearforce1: World famous blogger Perez Hilton said you were “The best thing ever!” Do you think he will support your next venture if you go through to the Dutch finals?

Why not… we could always ask him to fly over to support us! That sure will get the crowds talking even more!

A big and tight hug to all of you out there from Bearforce1!


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