Barba Rija

The series Barba Rija (Tough Beard) is currently in pre-production. 13 episodes are written and the production is finding funding FOR THE PILOT throught this crowdfunding where everyone can be a producer and have his name on the final credits.

In Barba Rija (Tough Beard), we follow the lives of three bears. Pedro, António and Ursão are three friends who live in Lisbon (Portugal). They work, go out at night in the area of ​​typical Príncipe Real and they get in amorous adventures, sometimes funny, sometimes soured.

Pedro ended up with his boyfriend and is employed in a clothing store that accumulates as a nightclub doorman bear. It is the romantic of the group. António, the most rational of the three, is divided between IT work, a few hours as in a bear bar and volunteering in an HIV related group. Ursão is the strongest of the trio, but also the sweetest. Does not have boyfriends and is the typically muscular and hairy guy. A PT at a gym but also works as a sauna, he will be surprised with an unexpected change in life. The three are the symbol of fellowship, of various types of masculinity, of affections, concerns and expectations of what are, after all, of all human beings.

All episodes will be subtitled in English.


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